Training and Workshops in Business Creativity


BEDENK teaches you how to stimulate your creative thinking by using specific processes and methodologies. Together, we push boundaries, explore new areas and at the same time apply a structure to not only generate ideas, but to implement them and help you reach your goals.

The BEDENK facilitators are driven professionals with years of experience in transferring their knowledge. Don’t expect boring theoretical stuff, but instead you get an interactive workshop that creates a true desire to get started.

We offer several types of training as seperate in-company workshops or as part of a change- or innovation process.


  • creative basic skills
  • brainstorming process
  • facilitator skills
  • The Basic Skills

     In this workshop, you learn to recognise your mental barriers – that limit your creative potential – and overcome them. You learn to think in opportunities instead of in obstacles and limitations. In addition you will take a lot of exercises home that you can use to boost your creativity forever. Read more...

  • Efficient Brainstorming

    When do you use a brainstorm? In a hands-on basic training, we teach you the 4 steps of a successful brainstorm: question, divergence, convergence and activation. For each phase, we hand over several techniques that are used immediately, by using your actual challenges. Read more...

  • Facilitating Creative Processes

    During this training we teach you how to prepare yourself in the best possible way for a facilitation session: What is the exact question? How many ideas do they want? For what do these ideas have to be an answer? How detailed do they have to be? And then you will learn how to design a customised process and use it in practice… Read more...

  • creative leadership 2
  • Creative Leadership

    When going through changes, the role of managers and team leaders in an organisation is crucial. It is their responsibility to create the right circumstances in which employees are stimulated to be creative. ‘Creative Leadership’ is a training, especially for managers that want to steer their employees towards more and better. Read more...

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