Training Basics Creative Thinking

Give your professional creativity the energy shot that it deserves.

Some say ‘you are creative or you’re not’. Forget about this misconception. Science has proven repeatedly and irrefutably that your creativity increases by regular use. This also means that you can simply train it. During this workshop, you learn how to recognise and overcome mental barriers and thought patterns that currently hinder your creative potential. On top of that, we provide you with a lot of exercises that you can use to boost your creativity indefinitely.

No team to brainstorm with? You can do it all by yourself!

That is what we call ‘solo-ideation’. Solo-ideation will be more difficult at the beginning but the results will not be any less. You will acquire some specific techniques to tap into your own creativity potential. And mind you, this is 100% your own merit. That is a great ego-boost.


After this workshop, your problem solving capabilities have grown substantially. You learn to think in opportunities instead of obstacles and you start to use your creativity in a much better way. And moreover, you are perfectly capable of generating fantastic ideas on your own.

Who is this training for?

Every professional that wants to come up with creative solutions and leverage their know how, will profit from this training.

Optional: Based on an online assessment, developed by the renowned university of Buffalo, you acquire insights in your personal creative style. What are your strenghts and pitfalls? Which other types are there? How to use these insights to compose stronger creative teams?

  • “Als ik onze concurrent was, ik zou schrik beginnen krijgen!”
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  • “Bedenk slaagt er in ogenschijnlijk saaie processen fun te maken zonder daarbij de outcome uit het oog te verliezen.”
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