Training Efficient Brainstorming

Come up with more and better ideas

“Everybody can do a brainstorm”. At least, that is what most people think. Because the most elementary rules of a brainstorm are often fully ignored. That way, a brainstorm loses most of its potential. Which is a pity since brainstorming is a very powerful tool….. if used correctly.

How to really organise a brainstorm?

When do you use a brainstorm? In a hands-on basic training, we teach you the 4 steps of a successful brainstorm: question, divergence, convergence and activation. For each phase, we hand over several techniques that are used immediately, by using your actual challenges.


After this training, your brainstorm will yield a far better result. In addition, you can better judge when to use a brainstorm at all. And finally, you should be able to organise and facilitate a simple brainstorm yourself.

Who is this training for?
  • Every professional that wants to be more effective during a brainstorm
  • Every leader that organises and facilitates a brainstorm from time to time
  • “Als ik onze concurrent was, ik zou schrik beginnen krijgen!”
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  • “Bedenk slaagt er in ogenschijnlijk saaie processen fun te maken zonder daarbij de outcome uit het oog te verliezen.”
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