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  • Innovation mix
  • Is your innovation mix in balance?

    Companies want to innovate and change to survive and grow their business in the future. There are different ways to innovate and change. Finding the right balance is key. Read more.

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  • 10 steps to a great Employee Experience

    Employees have more power, influence and choices than ever before and many of them don’t realize it yet. Read more.

  • A Framework for Building a Design Thinking Culture

    Everybody’s talking about innovation these days. Design Thinking is a strategy for innovation that wins ground worldwide. Read more.

  • A Shared Vision is Essential for building a Design Thinking Culture

    Creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of society and business. Most organizations are aware of this, but few effectively put it into practice. Read more.

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  • Design Driven Management: mixing exploitation and exploration

    Most managers are educated in traditional management that relies mainly on deductive reasoning, analysis and exploiting current business. Read More.

  • So, you’re inspired, now what?

    We’re always searching for inspiration in the form of an article, a book, a movie, a podcast, a city trip, an inspiration tour or a mix of the above. Read more.

  • The Employee Experience: It’s Time To Put People First In Management

    We are moving from an employer-driven job market to a candidate-drivenone, since digital tools and social media provide increased transparency and support mobility of talent like never before.  Read more.

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  •  Urgently Wanted: The Design Driven Manager

    Design Thinking is a people-oriented, prototype driven process for innovation. It is a useful approach to get to understand and solve complex challenges where the classic, analytic methodologies fall short. Read more.

  • Why HR is embracing DESIGN THINKING

    While many companies use Design Thinking primarily to renew business strategies, it can be just as powerfull in HR. Read more.

  • The switch to new Strategic Thinking

    Developing a good game plan for your team or organization is more important than ever in a volatile business environment. Read more.

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  • Mindset & Tips for creative meetings

    Meetings are a great barometer to evaluate the creative climate of your organization. Read more.

  • Is engagement the sine qua non of innovation?

    if you work actively on the engagement of employees, the creative potential of your people will be unleashed, leading to increased ability in change and innovation. Read more.

  • Innovate as a Team? Work on Trust!

    A safe climate ensures that teams learn more from their mistakes, have a higher level of engagement, experience less risk in the submission of new ideas and have an atmosphere of constructive conflict management. Read more.

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  • Align your team and create support with Teamliner®

    When people are invited to participate in the development of their own targets and rules, moving forward with change and innovation becomes a lot easier. Read more.

  • BEDENK's Project Canvas

    Accurately defining a project is critical for its success. The Project Canvas visualizes, simplifies, integrates and actively involves people in the project. Read more.

  • Do you manage your career intentionally?

    And how it makes you more innovative. Read more.



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  • The manager of the future is looking for issues

    The creative manager not only trusts what he has learned but knows that he needs new and different ways of thinking and capabilities to bring change and innovation in his organisation. Read more.

  • Creative Storytelling in seven steps

    With these seven chronological steps you get a foolproof scenario to convince your audience of your idea(s). Read more

  • The six biggest enemies of creativity

    There are many hidden factors that withhold us of generating and implementing creative ideas. These ‘enemies of creativity’ come in different shapes. Read more.

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  • The Manager of tomorrow is creative

    The manager of tomorrow is betting on people and their ideas, but never looses track of the result he is aiming for. Read more

  • Dixie Dansercoer pushes the boundaries with creativity

    Business creativity is real close to 'expedition creativity'. And that’s why we went to have a chat with Flanders's most famous polar explorer to hear what creativity means to him. Read more.

  • Five creativity tips for Project Managers

    Project Managers balance between managing change and creating something new. Creativity is a necessity to cherish that newness. Read more.

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  • Frank Van Massenhove on creative organisations

    Frank van Massenhove is Chairman at the FOD Sociale Zekerheid. We talked with him about the importance of business creativity and how to develop a creative organisation. Read more.

  • The three big misconceptions on creativity

    Whenever creativity is mentioned, people have an opinion. Here we want to get rid of some misconceptions when talking about applied creativity. Read more.

  • The first violin is not per definition the best conductor

    Research proves that a session with a specialized facilitator generates better ideas. But why? And how does this work? Read more.

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  • You, your team, your organization and the big changes

    The most progressive organizations let their teams think about the changes and how this potentially changes their way of working. Read more.

  • Lack of creativity? Start a little war!

    Recent scientific research has identified that a good conflict will increase our amount of creativity. Read more.

  • The best ideas show up after 'the dip'

    If you think brilliant ideas just simply drop out of the sky, you are wrong. A recent scientific study shows that the best ideas actually occur only after the ‘dip’. Read more.


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