RTL Nederland


Spreading creativity gives a company a lot of competitive advance.

RTL is the biggest media company in the Netherlands and it regards innovation. Yet the company is more than just the famous television channels, it has also grown to be one of the key players on the digital market. Furthermore, RTL has a new event branch and an innovation branch, that will create new ventures.

  • Supplier of Creativity

    Creativity is seen by RTL as a basic characteristic for her coworkers, and that's why she wants to develop it further through a wide intern offer. For the second year in a row BEDENK is head provider of creativity at RTL Nederland. Each and every coworker can sign in for one of the many open trainings in the open offer. 

  • Builing the creative stock

    There are many subscriptions for these trainings by many RTL professionals. Every session is fully booked each time by coworkers who want to proceed and make the difference in the media world. Some of the features from the open offer:


Gijs Tulleken (Manager Purchases Movies and Series RTL Nederland):

".... Was really nice to see that Sara succeeded in loosening up everybody, even the most stubborn colleagues. A part of the brain, that had been resting since my youth was firing on all cylinders with fantastic outcomes as result. In a word, a very fun day and a very informative experience from which I, and all my colleages, will benefit every day."



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