Project managers balance between managing change and creating something new. Creativity is here a necessity to cherish that newness, but following up time and budget accurately is just as important. The details of project management are luckily subsidiary to creative thinking.

Business creativity is implementable in various phases of a project. We only focus on the orientation phase in this article, in which the problem is clearly phrased, the objective is decided and the support of change is created. Here you have five useful tips.




and look at the question from other perspectives

You can look at a question through different eyes, but you have to take time and distance to be able to. You could look at the question from the stakeholders' perspective, from your own experiences, from hidden needs or from previous customer experiences with your product or service.

and reset the way you see things

Looking at things from another perspective will give you insights you had not had before. At that moment, you can decide to either let those insights rest beside you and value them as useless or redesign your perspective on the project or question.

and make sure there is support for your stakeholders

One of the most important tasks project managers have to deal with is management of change. The best way to create support for change is to involve the different stakeholders. It is best to do so before the question is clearly phrased.

and move people

Images touch us on a different level than words. They stimulate the imagination, help with generating new ideas and are a good way of making complex thoughts easier to understand. You can use photos or you can draw yourself, the process is more important than the quality of the drawing. 

and finalize what has to be done

A solid problem definition or question is the base of every creative process and every project. Bring the insights, that you have gathered by working in a creative way in this orientation phase, together in a briefing with a very clear questioning and focus, with which you can continue.

Sara Coene


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