Partena Ziekenfonds


Creation of a 'lean team'


Productivity, efficiency, quality….. all crucial areas of concern for an organisation. But how to ensure that simplifying work, processes and creating focus on results can happen without people loosing their commitment? By engaging them in each change that you want to realise!


  • Partena Ziekenfonds

    Partena ZK is an independent health insurance fund that offers qualititave solutions for you health and personal comfort. For the service “Third payer” we developed an approach through which cooperation and the exchange of ideas is stimulated. It is the ambition of Partena to become an organisation that easily handles changes.

  • Concrete targets, measurements and follow up 

    The way the organisational targets were translated to the team was looked into and changed to be in accordance with the new targets that resulted from the strategy exercise. These are the base for continuous monitoring of projects and targets through visual management. Taking this as a starting point, the team will frequently look for new solutions to daily areas of concern.

  • Mapping services

    Through interviews and several co-creating sessions, the strategy of the team and the valuemodel of the “third payer” service were mapped. The user journey was brought to life and used to identify opportunities for improvement. These opportunities were adressed through the process of creative problem solving. After that a roadmap was developed.

  • Results

    Higher involvement and autonomy of the teams and improved results like for example the reduction of lead time with more than 70%. The use of visual management in continuous improvement generates dozens of new ideas every week. Ideas that, through  a standard decision process, are implemented, or not.


Thierry Naniot, manager of the Partena Hub:

“Thanks to BEDENK and this project, we have made real progress in our results, regarding both quality and creativity. Our teams are more engaged and work together as “lean” as possible. Our employees have acquired these creative techniques, transfered in a very pragmatic way by BEDENK, very well. Like for example visual management. All these techniques have helped us to improve results and enlarge the autonomy of our teams“


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