Leaders of tomorrow bet on creativity today

All our customers have one thing in common: they truly believe that creativity is the base for positive change. If it is about the devise of new products or services, an internal reorganisation, the optimisation of processes or the design of new business models, with creativity as the engine goals will be achieved much easier.

Usually our customers are medium-sized or big companies, organisations and government agencies that are considering creativity as the way to move forward, to improve and to innovate. Through a dialogue, we design the correct processes to enable changes. Customised, because each and every need is different.
That is why, for us, the intake meeting is so important. A thorough preparation is essential to achieve the planned result.

We strive to have a long-term relationship with all our customers. That is why concepts such as integrity, mutual trust and transparency are more than just words. That transparency is also visible in our tarification: what you pay is what you get and vice versa. So no nasty surprises at the end of the day.


Some of the features from our customer portfolio:


 Recent cases

  • Brunel Think Tank
  • How Brunel engages its people in organizational development

    Brunel creates an internal Think Tank to focus on the daily challenges of the company on a regular base. Read all about it.

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  • rtl-vierkant-red.jpg
  • partena-family-blue.jpg
  • Innovate in care of the elderly

    The care of the elderly is a quickly developing sector with certain challenges. Commissioned by the COCD, Bedenk designed and facilitated this innovation project.  Discover our approach.

  • Supplier of Creativity

    For the second time, we are head provider of creativity at RTL Nederland. Each and every coworker can sign in for one of the many trainings. Discover our approach.

  • Creation of a 'Lean Team'

    The best wat to get results is by engaging the whole team in each step of the change project. As we did at Partena Ziekenfonds. Discover our approach.


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