You probably have a lot of good intentions for your company, department or team in 2017. Goals you want to achieve, opportunities that you want to use, chances you want to create... And of course you also want to share this with your employees at the start of the new year. But what if you'd take it a step further? What if your employees get so far as to not only embrace the business goals, but also come up with ideas to achieve them or even take the lead to develop and implement them as a team? BEDENK can help you with that.




As experts in facilitating change and innovation processes, BEDENK has developed a modular concept to support you in this. Check out what could work for you and just pick out the modules that suit you and your company or organization best. Here is an overview of the modules:



1. Workshop Mission / Vision / Strategy

A new year, a new beginning. Also for your organization. And that new beginning starts with the refocus of your mission, vision and strategy. This may be at corporate level, as well as for a department or a team.

We are convinced that you do not need external consultants that tell you what that mission, vision or strategy should look like. You probably know that better than anyone else. That's why we support you and your management team in creating and developing your vision for a bright future.

In the end you'll get a vision and mission that both are ambitious and realistic at the same time, but which are also familiar to your people, as they match the true DNA of your organization.

We support you and your management team in the design, development and launch of a clear vision for a bright future.

2. Storytelling

Now that you know where you want to go with your organization, you still have to convince your employees to support that vision. As you may know, 60% of the success of a message is in the embellishment. That's why we're going to support you to create a captivating presentation using proven storytelling techniques.

If you wish, we can hand over your entire presentation to our graphic designer who will create an astonishing slide deck for you.

Finally, we will also help you with your presentation techniques: How confident do you feel on stage? How do you use your voice and what about intonation? How to make use of the space around you? Etc. After this coaching you're ready to sparkle!


We are pleased to bring you an inspiring keynote on change, innovation or creativity.


1. Inspiring keynote

Do you want a strong piece of content during the event in addition to your own presentation and the festivities? Than one of our experts will bring you with pleasure an exciting an inspiring keynote. Depending on the topics you want to focus on, we can talk about change, innovation or just fueling your people's creativity.

2. Workshop with the whole team

Once the story resonates with your employees, we can go a step further as they are involved in the shaping of the new future! During an interactive workshop, we let everyone thinking about the challenges that lie ahead. People will generate ideas, select the best ones and transform them into viable concepts they will finally present to each other.

Not only do you get the most out of your human capital, you also put your plans into action while creating common ground for everyone in the organization!

Get the most out of your human capital, put your plans into action and create common ground for everyone in the organization!


1. Facilitating Project Teams

After the event, you want the ideas produced by your team, to be put into action. To assist you with this, we support the project teams who will further develop, test and implement the projects.

Of course, we also provide opportunities en route to check the progress and make adjustments where necessary.

2. Think tank

If you want to embed this new way of working in your organization, we can help you with setting up an internal think tank. This team consists entirely of our own employees, and will try to find solutions for a variety of real-life challenges, using their own experience while creating common ground for for the organization.

We create a process tailored to your organization, put the team together and facilitate the sessions. At your request, we can even train internal facilitators who can take over the process in time from us.

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