Do you manage you career intentionally?

And how it makes you more innovative.




Look at the career game board

Do you throw your dart hoping it lands on the right spot or do you intentionally put it in the area which gives you the most energy and which is in line with what you really want? It’s the difference between being reactive or creative, the same letters, a different impact!

UP: vertical career step with more responsibility
SIDEWAYS: horizontal step broadening your experience
BACK: conscious step back in responsibility, money or time
PAUSE: a pause in your career (sabbattical, time out)
EXTRA: extra role or project , a side job
EVEN: the wish to stay in the same position
FOCUS: become an expert in a specific field
OUT: leave or stop to work


8 out of 10 people are thinking of changing jobs. 

But only a small percentage adresses their career in a structured way. Most people just react on opportunities and changes, at best they’re happy with the change made. But what if you intentionally and creatively managed your career? Wouldn’t the outcome and feeling be different? Wouldn’t it open up new possibilities?


The path followed on the career board is different for everyone.

 It’s not a linear approach which you can plan in detail in advance: too many uncertainties and coïncidences cross your path along the way and that’s okay. What you can intentionally design is your purpose, the essence or why you do the things you do. Once you know your purpose, choices in career steps become much easier. The moves on the career game board are made intentionally.

Nevertheless, even the purpose of your career can change over time, affected by what happens in your life and that’s also okay.


Take time to reflect.

That’s why it’s important to take a step back from time to time. Once a year for example, taking some time to reflect on what you did, where you are and where you want to go. If what you do is still in line with your purpose and main objectives. If it’s time to take on more responsibility or if it’s time to take a pause or even to move out. This is what most companies do: evaluating the past year, the results and making plans for the near future. This is only occasionally done at a personal level.

Once you know your purpose,
choices in career steps become much easier


What if you started thinking and behaving like a company yourself?

Defining your personal mission and vision, your purpose and objectives, and planning moments of reflection and evaluation to continuously improve yourself….

In doing so, you increasingly learn about yourself, what you’re good at and what the sweet spot is between your interests, talents and what the organization or market wants. That way you’ll be able to add more value to the organization you work for and especially add lots of pleasure to your daily work.

 And how it makes you more innovative.

 On top of that, you develop new skills and an attitude which organizations -in their quest for more creativity and innovation- are increasingly looking for: creative self confidence, openess for new ideas, taking initiative, using your imagination, deploying intrinsic motivation….


 What are you waiting for?

We are currently developing the career game board as a game for coaching people in talent and career management. If you’re interested in receiving more information in due time, please contact us

By Sara Coene


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