Creativity bridges challenge and solution


"The only constant is change". So we need to change because to stand still is to regress. In the last decennia, that process of change has been speeding up exponentially. And still, as an organisation, you want to be the engine of change, take the initiative yourself, be at the helm. Use creative thinking to move forward, improve and innovate.

That is what we call business creativity, a way of focused thinking to find answers to questions, recreate challenges into solutions and always be a step ahead of the market and competition.



  • Scientifically based

    Our approach is based on years of scientific research from universities all over the world. From researchers like Teresa Amabile, or closer to home f.e. Marion Debruyne, Frederik Anseel and Katleen De Stobbeleer. We use their scientific knowledge to shape our processes.

    According to science, creativity is ‘the ability to come up with unique ideas that are both achievable and useful’. In our approach, you will consistently find this search for the combination of originality and achievability . In the end, these ideas should not only be new and ‘out of the box’, it is essential that you can start working with them the next day to create something that fits ‘into your box’.

  • Resistance becomes involvement

    In contrast to the classic consultancy, we do not tell our customers how to run their business. They know that far better than we do. We also do not deliver ready to use solutions. Most of the time, they do not have a good fit with your organisation and will trigger resistance from your employees.

    We are convinced that our customers do have the expertise themselves to come up with the best solutions. But this insight is often blocked by innate thought patterns and habits.
    That is why we use business creativity in organisations to help them move aside these patterns, see new opportunities and thus come up with new ideas themselves.
    This way we ensure that new ideas really have a good fit with DNA of the organisation. On top of that, you can expect more buy in instead of resistance because your employees were closely involved in the development of those ideas.






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