7 reasons to try LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Playing with LEGO® at work? Seriously? Your colleagues will at least look surprised when you through your kids' Lego® bricks on the meeting table to answer the question you want to tackle. And yet that’s exactly your intention!

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a creative process method for group discussion and knowledge sharing. This method is based on scientific research on the added value of playing in problem-solving settings. Guided by certified facilitator, you will come up with the best possible and most supported solutions.

7 reasons to try LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®:

lego serious play workshop
  1. Everyone has LEGO® experience. This makes it extremely accessible. As soon as the bricks appear on the table, everyone is eager to start. 

  2. Based on metaphors and self-constructed scenes, you give meaning to the bricks. Conversation starts fluently and leads to an open dialogue. This way even more sensitive subjects are easier to discuss.

  3. In classical meetings, you mainly listen. With LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® your visual and kinesthetic skills are also addressed. By making use of multiple brain zones, the content sticks easier and better. Some people even prefer to express themselves in a non linguistic way. Talk with your hands and listen with your eyes

  4. Your model and your corresponding explanation create the story together. Everyone immediately sees what you mean. Through an open dialogue with fewer misunderstandings you all achieve one and the same goal. 

  5. In traditional meetings 80% of the information is often sent by only 20% of the participants. With LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® you get 100% involvement and a balanced result. Everybody participates and everybody listens

  6. You increase the innovation capacity of your team and organization. People who play, are open to new things and see more possibilities. You learn to build on the ideas of your colleagues. In a structured way you create space to use your people's innovative potential. Step by step you increase the innovation capacity of your organization. 

  7. You have a lot of fun. By approaching issues in a different way, new energy is released. You get out of your comfort zone for a moment. You can be proud that you have stretched yourself. And although a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is quite intense, it is a pleasant experience with a high fun factor.


Would you like to experience how this works and what the added value is, please contact me. As certified facilitator, I would love to facilitate a session for you. 

Want to become a facilitator yourself?

Do you take play at work seriously and do you have talent for process facilitation? Then you might want to become a facilitator yourself. The developers of this LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method in Denmark will be in Antwerp from 1 to 4 April 2019 for a four-day certification training. We are happy to host this certification training as we have bene working together for many years and we strongly believe in the added value of this creative process method.


Mark Vandael

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