Business Model Generation is by now well known, especially amongst people who are responsible for change in organizations. It offers a powerfull tool to understand, design, visualize and improve or renew business models.

Disruptive business models are very much part of our current economy. Understanding how it works, and how to adress these changes is therefor a skill each and every manager should master.

Every change in the world that is surrounding your company has, sooner or later, an impact on your team or your job. Suddenly the work of your team gets outsourced to a foreign country or is replaced by a software program. Your job at customer service can cease to exist tomorrow for the simple reason that a big part of your job is currently processed online and other specialisations are required.


The most progressive organizations let their teams think about the changes and how this potentially changes their way of working.

Business Model Team & Business Model You

Just as every organization needs to think about the changing world, teams and individuals need to think about the changes in their world. Preferably pro-actively to ensure that your plan B or C is ready when you need it. To ensure that you are trained in social media and digital tools when for example that digital client services team is being set up.

The most progressive organisations realize that, when their business model changes drastically, the individual and team capacity to change also needs to be strengthened.

They let their teams think about these changes and how this potentially changes their way of working. They ensure that individuals are conscious about these changes and think about the role that they can take up in this renewed organization.

Ideally, this happens continuously and not only last minute when in need. The more indivuals and teams think about their added value within the organization and about the way they can help to shape this renewal, the stronger the organization will be.

The more sustainable this attitude is developed, the more changes can be initiated from within instead of being imposed during reorganizations which, in the end, causes massive loss of energy.

The more indivuals and teams think about their added value within the organization, the stronger the organization will be.

How can you realize this?

  1. By having a strong mission and vision as an organization, that not only appeals but is also distinctive. One that inspires change. So clearly not a generalistic vision that is merely focused at creation of share holder value.

  2. By having your teams think about their mission and vision. By giving them the opportunity to design their own Team Model and then engage with them in a dialogue on how to align this with the mission, vision and business model of the company.

  3. By having each individual thinking about their personal business model within their team and within the organization. And by aligning this within each team and use the differences of the team members.

  4. By having the team management, HR or external coaches help individuals and teams to continuously develop their model.

Motivation is the result of autonomy, purpose and mastery in our job, according to scientist and author Daniel Pink. These three elements are incorporated in our approach to translate and align mission, vision and business model throughout the entire organization. It is certainly not about mere communication via posters and slogans on coffee mugs but it is about designing the future together and having a dialogue about it. Do not stop at team level but let each and every individual think about their personal role and value within the organization.

Sara Coene


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