Creativity ignites change

Our people are passionate professionals who have made it their mission tounchainthe creative potential at customers to maximize the use of competencies already at hand.

The management team is a duo of seasoned business creativity experts. Besides their common mission, they also know how to use their specific talents and experience in the best possible way that ensures that BEDENK has a sound base to find an answer for every challenge.

Next to that, we consistently work on quality by using our expertise network. At the one hand, they are an excellent complementary force for large-scale interventions and on the other hand, they also bring in specific qualities that we can use for special assignments. 

And finally, BEDENK is also linked to a number of professional partners who are active in the domain of innovation and applied creativity with consultancy, research and education.

Management Team

  • pieter.jpg
  • Mark Vandael
  • Pieter Daelman

    Facilitating change & innovation / Managing Partner

  • Mark Vandael

    Speaker, trainer & facilitator / Managing Partner


Our experts network

  • sara-pieters.png
  • Axelle Vanquaillie
  • sara-coene.jpg
  • Sara Pieters

    Creativity- and Innovation Facilitator

  • Axelle Vanquaillie

    HR & Strategy professional

  • Sara Coene

    Organisational change coach

  • Kristien Seghers
  • Marc Heleven
  • Walter Vandervelde
  • Kristin Seghers

    Visual Interpreter & Facilitator

  • Marc Heleven

    Innovation Web Researcher

  • Walter Vandervelde

    Business creativity expert




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